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Monday, September 27, 2010

Top Ten Music Picks:

10. The Cave- Mumford & Sons
This folk rock band has such a unique sound to them.

"We're under the sheets, and you're killing me/ In our house make of paper/ you're words all over me/ we're under the sheets, and you're killing me."

Another great mashup by Norweigan Recycling.

Finally, The Pass' debut album, "Burst" is now available!

I am completely in love with Dave Monk's voice, and the beats in this track are so upbeat and catchy. If you like this song, you should definitely check out their whole album, "Champ." It's amazing.

I am a huge fan of the Gorillaz and I also love Little Dragon. So obviously I am crazy about this delicious collaboration.

4. Symphonies- Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi
Great collaboration. "Gimme, gimme symphonies/Gimme more than the life I see/Scores rise up, Angels play/Let my loneliness get blown away/Gimme, gimme symphonies"

The beat in this song is so ridiculously contagious. "She's the type of girl that makes you feel better/ Don't matter how you used to feel/ She's the kinda girl that follows with the weather/And the sun brings out her sex appeal."

This song is so unique from the beginning to the end. OhLand is coming out with a new album this fall and after hearing "Son of a Gun" and "Perfection," I honestly can't wait.

"Oh sugar, oh sugar can't you see how hard I'm trying/ You know you gotta/ you know you gotta eventually make up your mind/ And it's end love/ the sky is falling." This song is amazing, and honestly I highly recommend you get their whole album, "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky." It's a true gem.

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