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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Results Are In!

The most recent Jersey Shore poll posing the age old and very pertinent question: which character in this group of misfits is considered the “most entertaining” star of their reality show? Which of the fake tanned, super buff, hyper sexualized, breast augmented, could possibly have taken home the title of most entertaining. The results are in!

Pauly D – 14% (1 vote)

Sammi & Ron – 14%

J-Woww – 14%

Angela or Vinnie – 14%

Snooki – 42% (3 votes)

Mike “The Situation” – 85% (6 votes)

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino takes home the top spot with a staggering 85% of the vote. In a distant second is Snooki with 42% of the vote, and the other stars each sharing 14% with one vote a piece. Multiple answers were allowed which is why the totals add up to greater than 100%. It didn’t take long for “Situation” to take a commanding lead, taking in 100% of the votes the first six days of the poll.

Situation, who gained his self-proclaimed nickname from his washboard stomach, has quickly risen from reality star fame to full blown celebrity with his wild antics, memorable moments, and quotes which will live in the annuls of pop culture lore for decades to come. With the Jersey Shore crew reportedly bringing in $30,000 an episode for their filming of season 3, it hasn’t taken long for the more popular characters to find endorsement deals elsewhere. Situation, J-Woww, and Snooki appeared on the cover of the most recent US Weekly, and Situation’s recent conquests also include his current role in dancing with stars. But what makes Situation so entertaining to watch? For me personally it’s his anecdotes, quotes, and philosophies in life.

Life as defined by Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino:

Relationships: “Ronnie doesn't want to give up his cookie, and that's Sam. You need to give up your cookie, son, so you can go find another one. I'm eatin' chocolate chip cookies every night, dog.”

Job role: “It's like the Navy Seals. I get sent out first, do a little reconnaissance, bring girls back.”

His Roommates: “Angelina is the Staten Island Ferry: everybody gets a ride, and it's free.”

Friends of friends: “I put the hippopotamus to bed.”

There is much to be said about the scope of television and celebrity in general shifting from the typical Hollywood power houses like Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz, and so forth, to the reality and “every day” heroes such as Kate Gosselin and Situation. With media continuing to expand at an alarming rate along with social networking, the world continues to become a smaller place and who knows who may become the next star of their very own reality show on MTV. Is all it really takes now is birthing an insufferable amount of children or a nice set of abs? Now that you mention it, the situation going on is pretty nice...

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