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Friday, July 30, 2010

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

First things first: I am a girl, and I speak gamer…fluently. (Its my job; no judging allowed...)

Now that I have that little secret off my chest, lets get down to business.

The built up, over-advertised (including an entire Modern Family episode dedicated to its product placement), extensively publicized phenomenon that is the iPad has taken over the interactive entertainment industry.

The numbers? In 28 days, Apple had sold 1 million iPads. The perspective? The iPhone took 74 days to hit the 1 million mark. Want another perspective? In the time it took the iPhone to hit 1 million, the iPad was already approaching the 3 million iPad mark, and hit it by day 80.

Those are serious numbers. Its clear that Americans have a fever, and the only prescription is more Apple (this is also a great time to bring up that Apple’s 200 billion dollar+ company can fit all its products on one small table at their annual shareholders meeting…but that is a different topic for a different blog entry all together…)

At any rate, I’ve decided to compile a quick industry pro/con list on the iPad.

The pros:
  • For one, it looks very mod. The iPad has that clean Apple look that American consumers have grown to love…and pay big money for.
  • Apple has also targeted another consumer fad: the touch screen. Oh la la! Instant hit, Americans like to touch things, especially when it comes to electronics.
  • It is a lightweight alternative to a book (arguably its main function). Who wouldn’t like an alternative to awkwardly holding a paperback while in crowded places, such as an overcrowded, smelly, long train ride through Boston (I am not bitter.)
  • It came in below its expected price point…I mean granted its forecasted price was a ridiculous $1000, but nonetheless, Apple was able to whip up a bargain with the basic model selling at only $499…but wait, there’s more.
  • A 10 hour battery life at full use, and a month on standby? Why hasn’t blackberry figured out that technology.
  • The icing on the cake? Well, by purchasing an iPad, you are infact going green. Yes, Apple used BFR free and recycled glassed to create their display faces.

Okay, enough about the good things (and hopefully you picked up on some of my subtle sarcasm along the way)…here are some of the not-so-great things…

The cons:

  • Hidden fees. The $499 model only provides consumers with the basics. Want 3G? You need to buy the $629 model, along with a $30 monthly fee. Connectivity costs? Yeah, just add that to my bill.
  • No multitasking. Not all of us can be as great at multi-tasking as I am. On the iPad, performing two functions at one time isn’t possible, unless they are both apple products. I say until Apple has integrated multitasking capabilities, we cool it with the “most innovative knack” crap.
  • What isn’t included in the price. The iPad does not have camera or GPS, which essentially makes the blackberry a more gizmo, for us photo obsessed, not-so-directionally savvy people out there. Plus, the iPad is not compatible with flash, which means that a majority of web videos won’t work on it. Sigh.
  • Its identity crisis. Is it a kindle? Is it an iPod? Is in an iPhone? What are your intentions with my daughter, iPad, what are your intentions? Well, you can read from it, listen to music from it, and watch movies on it, but its clarity is anything but high def. Want to read an entire book? Well, unlike its competitors, the iPad has an intense back light which makes reading for prolonged periods of time particularly painful. Want to watch a movie? Sure, but don’t be upset when the resolution is anything but clear.

Okay, so now the big question: to buy, or not to buy?

Well, my fellow gizmo gamers, I think the iPad is targeted to a very particular audience: the average consumer.

To those (like me) who spend their entire day manipulating code, browsing the internet and fooling around in Adobe programs, the iPad would not be the most practical form of technology to utilize, but to the average American Joe, those just looking to leisurely read or casually browse, the iPad will most certainly live up to expectations.

So, in short: if you are looking for a template that can multi task, alter designs, and manipulate flash, do not buy the iPad- you will be greatly disappointed.

If you are a “what the heck is manipulating flash” someone who wants a cool new gadget to tote around with you on the train instead of a book and maybe your iPod, then buy it, because you are the exact target market Apple is trying to please.

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