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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sometimes the answer to a question comes in a form you did not expect. In this case, I had never posted to a blog site before. By the surefire method of trial and error, I was able to discover the answer to my dilemma. In this day in age, I feel like I should almost be ashamed of myself for being able to say that I've just now submitted my first blog. It's as though I were telling you all that I am a 44-year-old virgin. Telling a great personal secret of mine here in front of you all has left me feeling fragile and exposed. At least there's a part of me feels that way.

Another part of me feels liberated. I've finally blogged. May the onslaught of anonymous opinions and commentary elevate me to momentary Internet fame overnight. Who knows? These blogs may strike me great fortune. It could be the right time and the right place.

But that gives Fate too much say in the success of my posts. I'd consider having my blogs be an articulation of my thoughts and ideas. A portal for my readers to seek something that belongs to them - an idea, a concept, a path.

Maybe I will turn to humor and give the gift of laughter to those whom it eludes.

I could even contribute short haikus for your enjoyment.

With all this to choose from, how is one blogger supposed to decide what he or she must write about?

In short, my thoughts turn to the contribution I will make to this site. There is much to ponder. I will think of the things I would fill a tin with. This is a tin that holds only the best and most thought-provoking blog posts. I will return in due time with additional materials and I shall build you something glorious to gaze your eyes upon and decipher with your brain.

Your final thought for the day:

The pieces of life are sometimes simple and sometimes not. The way you assemble those pieces will affect the way you react to new pieces of the puzzle getting added to the overall picture and changing the initial design. This happens uncontrollably and infinitely. Puzzle that for a moment.


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